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Remember the time we lost Superman?

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I have referenced a number of portrayals of Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent and Kal-El/Superman. His performance was powerful, but his example after his injury was equally powerful. I think it fitting that not long after, his beloved Dana joined him in death… a testament to their love and fortitude.

This is the Hero’s Journey… thank you, Rara.


It was early October of 2004, and I was sprawled on my green sofa snacking on Haribo gummies, waiting for my straight-as-sin hair to dry into hopefully-luscious curls.  My sofa was the stuff of dreams, which is– long story, short– why I didn’t have a bed.

I heard a tap on the door, and I looked up to see my big brother poking his head into my room.

“Gotta minute, sis?” he said.

“Yehp, whath’sup?” I replied with my mouth full of semi-chewed red gummy, and my hair full of rollers.

haribo_kiss“You’re disgusting.” he deadpanned.

“Your face is disgusting. Boom.” I retaliated instantly, all the while offering him a Haribo.

He took one and sat down.  It was yellow, but he ate it anyway.

He never ate the yellow ones.

“What’s wrong?” I prodded, turning to face him on the couch, tucking my cold feet under his legs.  The…

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One thought on “Remember the time we lost Superman?

  1. His life, both as Superman, and as a man in a terrible position, were inspirational.
    And no matter how often they remake it, Reeve will always be my Superman.


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