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Starting the transformation (Zero to Hero Day 5)


The Day 5 assignment for Zero to Hero is as follows: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you have. Include at least one you would never think of using.

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I am keeping things light on the writing today, dear readers, but I am taking a tip from my wife Cimmorene and including snapshots of the theme previews.

I’m taking a risk and going with an entirely new theme for a while– the last one in the slideshow, called Greyzed. It definitely seems to change the dynamics of how my posts look– some of it I very much like, and some things I did that fit the old Superhero theme do not fit as well for this one. It’s also cough butchier, bolder, more… masculine.

I welcome your feedback, even if you say you hate the new look. That’s okay. I’d like to take all your thoughts into consideration, as long as you don’t mind if I don’t necessarily go with them. Yes, note I’m not asking questions here. Please, step up, let me know.

One more quick word: Days 6-8 and Day 10 do include challenges that have to do with more Appearance customization, so I will write more about the Hero’s Journey stages (stage 11 according to Vogler) that involve transformation, resurrection on the Outer Journey and Final Attempts and last minute “dangers” on the Inner Journey.  Day 9 and Day 11 start going into exploring the blogosphere more deeply and commenting on other blogs, so then I will correlate stages concerning Return.

There’s still lots of work I plan to do, more changes, more customization (Superhero theme might be back!) and several projects that have been on the back burner for a while, so, stay the course with me, dear readers.

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9 thoughts on “Starting the transformation (Zero to Hero Day 5)

  1. Jak, I absolutely LOVE this theme for your blog. The last “Theme” in your slideshow, which for some reason doesn’t have a name – I think it’s yoko something, maybe??- I played around with for a while before choosing my new theme that I have now; it was a big runner-up. My daughter actually uses that theme. But I have to say, this one..yes! I like the ruggedness of this theme and it feels updated. Personally, the old theme distracted my eyes because of the background, which I thought was a bit too busy. I do hope you keep this.


    • Yes, it’s the Yoko theme all right… I thought I had captioned it, but I see now I hadn’t. (Fixed now.) Yes, I really liked the look of that one, too.

      You are right about the background of my old set-up with the Superhero theme. I wanted to show a picture of the Hero’s Journey cycle, but it remained covered up. I thought that a tile pattern would be more obvious, but yes, it wound up being a distraction. The Greyzed theme here doesn’t allow for a background image, and so I did see that the contrast was better as such. The fonts look cleaner, too, and I think it makes my longer posts readable.

      I did have to hide my image widget with the Wordle cluster, though, because it didn’t get resized correctly.

      Thanks for all your feedback, Rach. It’s really appreciated!


  2. I think I actually like the way this is set up. It is easier to follow.


  3. Well you are familiar with my tech skills…the easier the better.


    • *chuckle* I think good design can be recognized by anyone, whether they have tech skills or not. It’s how web designers and web programmers can be very different creatures, even though they are working in similar areas.

      This is a design thing… now, if I was self-hosting this blog, THEN I could get more into the programming aspects… custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)… insert more tech Greek here blah blah yada yada yakkety schmackety… lolololol… whee!


  4. Two days in, how are you enjoying the new theme?

    I’ve never really considered changing me from the generic one I picked on my initial set up. I wonder what that says about me? I wonder if I could improve or hurt my readership if I changed up my appearance a bit with a new theme?

    It’s interesting, because wouldn’t you hope that people would come and stay for the content rather than the appearance? But, at the same time, if there is no attraction you can lose potential readers before they even give your writing a chance. Perhaps I should think on this and check out the new themes and see if there are a couple worth giving a try?


    • I like it! There are some adjustments I’ve needed to make; certain widgets don’t work with this GreyZed theme as well as they did with the Superhero one, and because the typefont is also different, I’ll have to change the way I format certain posts. The one thing that I noticed right away was that my posts/content seemed easier to read. As you can see from Rae and bizi’s comments, the tiled background image I had with the Superhero theme was too busy and made content more difficult to look at. They are right that it was a distraction.

      Yes– I too would hope that people would appreciate content as it is. But I have to confess that I am an extremely visually oriented person (I don’t understand ideas well until I can see it), and so I must agree that visual presentation makes a big difference. A technical writer taught me that if you can’t grab your audience within the first five to ten seconds of reading your content, you’ve lost them. It seems more pronounced online even, compared to printed mediums.

      Do note that this is the third or fourth (or fifth?) theme I’ve used for this blog.

      Give it a try! The nice thing about Zero to Hero is that while I’ve done a LOT of the challenges before, I’m able to take a fresh perspective again. Have you noticed that samara has completely overhauled the look of her blog? I’ve noticed she’s even gone back to previous posts and redone them. I would say, it couldn’t hurt you too much to experiment– you can preview all the themes and WP does make it fairly easy to try out features without showing them to your audience right away. You can also let your readers know that you’re trying something new– this has worked pretty well for me in the past.


      • Thanks for the ideas/feedback. I can’t imagine going back to old posts and messing around with formats! I’m too busy writing new posts and reading what everyone else is writing to have to look look back! Oh my. So much to do…


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