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From the archive: Santa’s been here!


As I was sifting through the LiveJournal archives, I found this post from December 25, 2005.  There will be more photos in four days from now, so I decided to share it today.

Since there is no way to import posts to WordPress (that I know of), I’ve simply grabbed the HTML from the post and copied it here.  Merry Christmas to all my dear readers.

The goodies… look like some have been eaten!

Oh, that’s why.
Image Hosted by

Santa’s card:
Image Hosted by

Stuffing the stockings:
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by (Cimmorene was a very good gamer girl)

Tree with pressies:
Image Hosted by

Santa himself (wow, he hasn’t looked this young since “The Story of Santa Claus“– you know, that animation special based on Frank L. Baum‘s novel? C’mon people, same folks and same style as with “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”.
Image Hosted by

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9 thoughts on “From the archive: Santa’s been here!

  1. We always left Santa Cookies and Coffee, the fact that you leave him orange slices is awesome 🙂


    • Thank you! It changes a bit from year to year– sometimes it’s cookies and milk, or cookies and cocoa. Cimmy usually has me playing the role of Santa– that is, she has me eating the treats while she fills the stockings. Our daughter is already in like Flynn, too (she was a smarty pants and figured it out), so sometimes she helps out.


  2. I like that you all put nuts in the stockings– my parents always did that as well and we’d be like “What are these even for?!”


    • I think mine did too. I always looked forward to nuts in the shell, which were about as regular as some sort of citrus fruit. The nuts I get– such is a seasonal treat, but I wonder how oranges got started.


  3. Translucent fun colored gamer dice?


    • Thank you! It was like a hidden treasure I’d forgotten about.

      I normally host my photos on Flickr these days, but these were uploaded to ImageShack, which I don’t use anymore…


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