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Cimmy’s Poetry: Prayer Haikus

Cimmorene has done me a lovely favor and crafted me some more haikus for Rob’s December challenge. Again, the subjects are from our epic fantasy, and feature the pantheon in our setting.

Since I know some of you dear readers are poetry fans, please pay her a visit.

Cimmy's Stories



Giant Father sky

Husband of the green mother

Grant me justice here



Loving earth mother

Wife to the lightning father

Pour out your mercy



Silent survivor

He who loves the careful life

Help me see sunrise



Speaker of the heart

Lover of the true romance

Let my love be shown



Lady of the sea

Mother of the messenger

Watch over my ship



Golden child of gods

Hair of flax, soul of hard steel

Don’t look at her eyes



Some see you and fear

You are my shadow lover

Watch me as I dream



The rich man’s close friend

Savior of the dwarven slave

Show me my value



Teacher of healers

Friend of mothers and farmers

Give me a daughter



Great one-eyed watcher

Good friend of gods and of men


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