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My health: “Tonic” spaz attack


Having a father with a similar health history has its advantages.

Anyways– I’m not having seizures, per se, but rather, “tonic spasms” or “tonic tremors”. I’m fully conscious when they happen– even to the point that I think maybe I’m faking it– but I’m not faking it. I can’t control the shakes that happen to my arms, legs, torso, etc.

EDIT: Think I had one just a moment ago– they are frustrating and painful, if nothing else.  Gah.

Reminding myself here to call Medtronic tomorrow and find out if our share really is 3400US$

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

3 thoughts on “My health: “Tonic” spaz attack

  1. do you ever wonder if any percentage of your health problems are due to the environment and/or climate? you live in the pacific northwest right? I think about this myself all the time (in relation to my own health)….since I have traveled ALOT, I notice that when I am in certain parts of the world; my health dramatically improves. For instance, I go to central America every year and Costa Rica has the longest life spans of any country in the world; and dude, the climate there is simply incredible. In America I’ve been to the west coast, the east coast, the south and the north….and I never feel the same way as when I’m in central America; and its not simply because its pretty and cool and all that…..I really think its connected to the climate and environment there; costa rica has the lowest pollution of all countries (I think they are rated number 1 as far as green energy)…they simply don’t have any smog, fumes, fill-in-the-blank…….well, I hate to sound like some tree hugger, but I just wonder sometimes if what we’ve done to the environment and climate here in the U.S. is affecting our health


    • I don’t wonder at all. I know for certain that temperature and humidity triggers pain for me– usually nerve pain. People ask about barometric pressure, but those two factors are much more consistent. Yes, I’m in the Pacific Northwest– in Eastern Washington, specifically. It’s bitterly cold right now and my father and I have been repeatedly comparing notes. His nerve damage is much more expansive than mine, and for very different reasons. But, if he is hurting, I am too, and most anyone I talk to with health issues that affect the nervous system say much the same.

      I wish I could travel to warmer climes, but with two young children, one with special needs, and a fixed income, it just isn’t in the cards. My sister lives in the San Jose area for health reasons, but… this is the sister I said I’m not on speaking terms with. My grandparents used to have a timeshare in Oahu, Hawaii, but my grandmother is in declining mental health, so it was sold.


      • in the voice of Homer Simpson; “Hawaii….MMMMMMMM” wish I could go there, simply too damn expensive.

        But yep, I’ve just really spent a lot of time thinking about the environment and climate and its effect on my health and what I can do about it….which at the moment isn’t very much unfortunately.


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