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Flickr Black Day (Flickr en Negro)


Dear WordPress friends,

I know a few of you use Flickr for sharing photography, and I wanted to share this.
In a nutshell, Team Flickr at Yahoo (as Yahoo! owns Flickr these days) is pushing a GUI/layout that is basically optimized for mobile devices, and looks horrid for anyone using desktops with large screens.

Some of us feel that Yahoo is trying to cheapen the experience, and make Flickr into another common social network, like G+, Facebook, or Myspace. This is salt in the wound of sorts, after CEO Marissa Mayer made a flippant comment about “there are no professional photographers” as far as Flickr Pro being discontinued.

Author: jaklumen

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10 thoughts on “Flickr Black Day (Flickr en Negro)

  1. Actually, Yahoo is trying to take on Instagram, which is Flickr’s big competitor now. That is, if you take photographs primarily with your smartphone. Those of us who still enjoy using a REAL camera to take photographs—and by those, I don’t mean snapshots of your dinner or a selfie of you and your friends getting drunk at the office party—-have no use for Instagram or any of those mobile device sites.

    Marissa Mayer characterizes a number of techies in the Bay Area who live in a self-imposed bubble and believe “everyone” lives and thinks like them. If you happen to differ, they resort to snark and ridicule. (‘I bet you still use paper and pencil to make your to-do list. Am I right?’) They’re beginning to wear out their welcome in San Francisco. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yahoo becomes the next tech company that disappears once they’ve alienated all of their customers.


    • Thanks for the clarification– that actually makes a lot more sense, not to mention what I’ve been reading about Mayer.

      The slide has been going for a while, as you’ve probably noticed, but I remain primarily as my father-in-law is there, with 40+ years of photos there. He’s considered leaving, too, but… where to go? SmugMug seems the most likely alternative, but… I don’t know.


    • “Actually, I DO use paper and pencil to make my to-do list. I believe it’s quite efficient and it still works well if I drop it or it gets wet. You have some problem with this?” That would be my inevitable response.


      • My older daughter and son-in-law use their smartphones to make shopping lists and notes. When I was there helping with the new baby, I couldn’t find a scrap of paper or a notebook anywhere to leave her a note that I was taking the dog out. When I asked my daughter about it, she said paper was wasteful and not eco-friendly. I was like ‘Oh.’ :-/


        • When Cimmy was rockin’ a Palm T|X, it had a very good shopping list app. Now it’s an old Handspring.

          Most of the lists we write on are paper that my maternal grandparents and my folks gave us… the eco-unfriendliness already happened long ago. So much semantics really; arguments can be made about e-waste.


  2. Whatever the cause it’s always tough when upheaval comes to communities/services like this.
    And as far as mobile viewing goes, some sites are really messing that up.


  3. Man, that chick needs to peel her eyes off her phone for a minute and take a look at the Real World which is still in version 1.0 and the software is all entirely current.


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