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5 Truths, 1 Lie

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I’ve linked up at a few blogs already, but I figured that I’d reblog for “C’mon, pay attention to this post” reasons and redundancy’s sake.

Blogarockstar Rarasaur put the spotlight on this old meme, but she credits Jen & Tonic.

the tao of jaklumen

As seen at Skoolie‘s VOX.  She says:

So what is truth and what is fiction? What is the one lie?  and I want all of my friends to do this. It should be fun so even if you don’t comment here, do your own, I’d love to see it.
As some of you know, dear readers, I do enjoy memes and quizzes of this sort.  Its original form is “2 Truths, 1 Lie”, so if you wish to share only two and not five, that’s fine, but for curiosity’s sake, five helps that “getting to know you” objective so I do invite you to give five if you can.
1.  An apartment we lived in was quite an experience.  It was a fourplex on the corner of a busy street and a quiet one.  One of our downstairs neighbors just below us decided to get the bright…

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