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The Inner Journey


Looking back, I suppose it was only a matter of time before I stumbled over references to Christopher Vogel and “The Writer’s Journey“.  This is the guy that wrote the studio memo titled “A Practical Guide to The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, and I gather that his interpretation of Joseph Campbell’s work and its influence on the motion picture industry (he was working for Disney at the time), was what also spawned some criticism I kept running into online.  Apparently, not all screenwriters employ the idea of Monomyth while still flourishing skill and talent for good storytelling.

The Inner Journey

The Inner Journey

The following diagram is from Vogler’s Writer’s Journey site, on the page “Hero’s Journey”.  Masterful!  I wish I’d seen this when writing about the Silver Surfer– it might have made those posts about the inner conflict he experienced (according to Stan Lee) easier.

Of course, my immediate thought was that it would make fitting the Monomyth to my day-to-day struggles much easier as well.  I have gotten a little feedback that all this Monomyth stuff is not easily and quickly digested, so I hope that incorporating this will be helpful, dear readers, or at least easier to skim, as I know many of you are wading through many blogs and posts… you know how it is.

I will probably highlight this diagram much as I have the other one.  Hopefully I can successfully claim fair use, and that Mr. Vogler and his associates will not try to squeeze lawsuit blood from stony impoverished me as I express admiration for his work.

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2 thoughts on “The Inner Journey

  1. The Hero’s journey is one that never gets old to me. It’s amazing how Joseph Campbell brings together stories from various cultures, all basically depicting the hero’s journey in one shape or another. A must read for all mythology lovers.


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