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Boy Gets Evaluated for Autism


I’m glad Cimmy is there to help fill in more of the blanks… oh it’s been a busy, busy month.

The Dragon's Lair

You may have noticed the lateness of my Monday post to Tumblr last night.  Most of the family spent the better part of yesterday in Yakima at a place called Children’s Village.  The place is huge on the outside and resembles nothing so much as a big ship on a sea of imagination.  Inside, the front desk is a covered wagon and there are places all over for children to play.  Boy was instantly enchanted.  When the time came for Boy to be examined, we were taken down a hallway that looked like a little town, a Children’s Village complete with trees and signs.  I imagine they were signs from all the companies that contributed to the building of the facility.  We went in a door and Boy was weighed and measured.  They brought us out and into an exam room where his heart rate was checked and his blood…

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3 thoughts on “Boy Gets Evaluated for Autism

  1. Wow. Good luck with the boy and realize that aautism is not a single condition but spans a range of dedevelopmental issues


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