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Service dogs at the Home Depot yesterday


A old family friend moved into town not too far from our neighborhood and needed some help with a project.  His stuff is moved, but everything is in boxes.  The project was modifying a coat closet into a food pantry.

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My second home, really.

I was in excruciating pain.  Although Cimmy wasn’t feeling her best, she decided to take on the project.  (She is her father’s daughter and therefore quite handy.)  I decided not to go to the ER and tag along.  Boy kept crying that he was hungry, so we also scored a little lunch out of the deal.

I have too many bad memories of grumpy, chain-smoking old ladies with miniature poodles. Raspy, yappy little barkers.

We needed to get supplies at the Home Depot– plywood, L-bracket shelf supports, and so on.  At the entrance we encountered our first service dog, a miniature poodle.  Poor thing apparently was not fully trained yet.  The nice lady who let Boy pet her service dog said he was putting her (the dog) through her paces as far as her training.

Recent breeding has refined Dobermans beyond their guardian role to better companionship. Still not a good fit for my son and me.

The other was a magnificently moustachioed gentleman with a Doberman Pinscher.  I stopped to talk to him a moment as the dog also was wearing a “service dog” vest.  He said Dobermans were meant to be with people (according to their breeding, of course) and that they practically trained themselves.  I said I still figured I needed a border collie or a Labrador for the sake of Boy, as he tends to wander.

I read more about the breed a moment ago and cringed further.  Dobermans need lots of exercise, firm discipline, and indoor space, ideally.  We may not have a lot of that.  I shall look more into German Shepherds that have failed law enforcement training.

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3 thoughts on “Service dogs at the Home Depot yesterday

  1. Hey, good luck with this! I don’t know much about dogs, can’t give any useful advice.


  2. I love your Honesty and enjoy your posts on your blog looking forward to reading more.


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