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Still learning the lessons of Job

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Woke up abruptly at 03:15 or thereabouts.

Thought a bit of milk would be nice.  Puked it up, through my nose, too.

Tried to go back to bed.  Moaned and yelled a lot.  Woke up Cimmy for a moment.

Figured I was not going to sleep.

Checked the weather forecast.  Saw “cooler temperatures” and “a separate cold front will bring wet weather to the Pacific Northwest.”  Also predictions of rain rising on Sunday, from 50% during the day to 60% in the evening. is my source.  Do not figure they spew horseshit about this, but cross-referenced to (the Weather Channel) and the National Weather Service.  Yet Weather Channel’s “Aches and Pains” index is horseshit as far as I’m concerned.  Zero today my hairy white ass.  From their help file about the index:

This index forecasts the potential for weather-related aches and pains, especially in people with chronic health conditions (such as migraines or arthritis) that might make them sensitive to changes in weather conditions.

Fuck.  There was a reason I stopped going to arthritis-focused water aerobics.  Well, no mid-day schedules at my current gym was the main one.  BUT damn, I noticed right quick that arthritis sufferers weren’t very empathetic to my pain.  Nerve damage is just different, and only those that suffer nerve damage get what that pain is.  Rule of human nature and all that: people don’t get what they don’t experience themselves.

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