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From Mythology to Masculinity: How the Hero’s Journey Can Help You Become a Better Man | The Art of Manliness

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From Mythology to Masculinity: How the Hero’s Journey Can Help You Become a Better Man | The Art of Manliness.

AOM isn’t set up for reblogs, so I simply invite you, dear readers, to consider read this article above by John “Roman” Romaniello (skimming is okay) and prepare for a transition: the men’s movement of the 1990’s and how it branched from interpretations of the Monomyth, and other personal, modern interpretations.

If it’s too long to read in a busy moment, that’s okay.  Have a look at this video.  (It essentially ends at 7 minutes 10 seconds, so you needn’t watch the whole thing.)

I mentioned Robert Bly and Iron John, so I will talk about that next, first with how this tale lines up with The Hero’s Journey, and then Bly’s implications for men.  Later, I will go into Gillette and Moore’s “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” (both these men were influenced by Bly in writing the book).  I’ll probably go back to The Art of Manliness, as Brett and Kate McKay wrote articles for each of these Jungian archetypes as they were featured in that book.

Now, lest I seem gender biased (horrors!) I will note (again) that The Hero’s Journey has been interpreted for women, both in ancient folktale interpretations, and for modern sensibilities.  The work of Bly, Gillette, and Moore have all been examined, too, by a number of women.

Also, my wife has been encouraging me to work on “Duty to God”, which is the youth program for LDS young men, as she has worked on “Personal Progress”, the youth program for LDS young women, for a number of years (to keep up with revisions).  She hopes in this way we’ll be prepared to guide our son and daughter through these programs.  They may not be as recognizable as LDS missionary service is seen as rites of passage (especially for young men), but along with Boy Scouting (which media has long noted that our church has long supported), I think they are worthy of note.

I have asked her to help out some more with some guest posts– to digitize some of her journal notes, in particular.

I hope that you’ll continue to walk this journey with me, dear readers.  Slowly but surely, I will share a little bit more on the personal connections.  Lots of stuff to discuss.  Stay with us.

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