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On bipolar…

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This sums up my experience right to a T. I have bipolar mood disorder, but it is not me. Just like chronic pain is not me. I have a “slow and complex” thought process, too, but it is not me either. They are factors, filters. And I like how this author emphasizes owning his behavior.
Pain is more a factor for me right now, but… doubly important! And yet so hard sometimes. My Dr. Banner/Jekyll still has to clean up what my Mr. “The Hulk” Hyde smashed.

I am 39 today. I wish I was this sanguine when I was 36. But I remind myself I am a work in progress, and others are a work in progress, too (even when I want to smack them).


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I am not Bipolar.  I have Bipolar.  It is not me, and I live with it, but I do not allow it to have me.

I know, this is all quibbling with language, but when we use language to think, to define ourselves and who we are, our words and their meanings become vital.  All to often, people are classified, or classify themselves as “Bipolar”, as if it were a nationality, culture, heritage or something that defines who we are.

I refuse.

Cancer patients don’t call themselves,”Cancerous”, although Cancer decides much of what they do and how they live.  They have Cancer.  Some lie down and allow their lives to go the way they go.  Some fight tooth and nail.  Some ignore it completely, living with it to the end.  There may be an exception somewhere to…

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Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

One thought on “On bipolar…

  1. That’s good to hear.My ‘other issues’ started to show during my early teens, pretty much by themselves crippling me an isolated mess. What with bipolar disorder thrown in the mix it’s destroyed any chance of a life. I have made small steps to fixing them, but it’s a drop in the ocean by comparison. Fingers crossed the BP will become a lot more manageable in the coming months and allow me to make some progress!I totally understand what you say about hating being isolated. As much as I hate it, the prospect of tackling that is a very daunting one and it’s all too easy to just stew in it! As much as I’ve tried to work on it, people don’t seem all that interested in me. Ah well.


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