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Preston meets with Father: Beginning of the Return

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It is explained a few times at this point in the film, in Preston’s meetings with Jurgen (Preston saying so) and with Dupont (Dupont saying so), that Father has never granted an audience with anyone, as the risk of assassination is too great.

But Preston gives an offer that cannot be refused: he will turn in all the leaders of the Resistance in exchange for a meeting with Father.

Preston sets up the triple-cross by calling the Vice-Council to return in the leaders of the Resistance


Preston is visibly holding Mary O’Brien’s ribbon, symbolic of her favor as the Goddess

Preston wears a white uniform instead of the usual black of the Senior Cleric, symbolizing his transformation to Champion of the Resistance is complete.

However, he finds that he must pass the same Challenge that Jurgen administered: another polygraph test.  The first question he is posed is “more of a riddle”, as the examiner says: “What would you say is the easiest way to get a weapon away from a Grammaton Cleric?”

He is shocked to find Brandt answering the question for him: “You ask him for it.”  He smiles and winks to Preston with a taunt.  “I told you, I’d make my career with you, Cleric.”

“Brandt’s job was simple,” Father (Sean Pertwee, son of Dr. Who‘s Jon Pertwee) explains from a telescreen, “to make you feel like you’d won.”  He explains it was his idea all along to infiltrate the Resistance with a Cleric who could feel, but didn’t know it yet.

“But, we’ve never met,” claims Preston.  Then the second rude awakening comes: the image of Father switches to Vice-Council Dupont, who reveals that the original Father had died and he had assumed his place.

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