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Mother’s Day: What NOT To Give Her.

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Cimmy was quite happy today that the gift given at church was not item #1 (she feels a potted flower just comes home to die). Instead, it was something I learned was a big hit last year: chocolate!

The Dragon's Lair

Here in the States, we have Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday.  I don’t know about you, but over here, many of the moms are hoping that their families will do something special for them this year.  What you do for your mom is up to you.  All moms are different, so how you celebrate Mother’s Day will be just as different.  Therefore I can’t really tell you what to do to make that special day as special as possible for her.  However, I think I CAN tell you with a certain amount of success what NOT to do for your mother.

That said, before I begin, I want you to understand that I am speaking primarily as a mother.  If I say, “Don’t do this for your mother,” and it turns out she actually WANTS you to do that, then feel free to disregard anything I’m saying here.  As…

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