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Galactus is Defeated: Return With Elixir

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And so The Silver Surfer regained his humanity, began to remember who he was, and rebelled against Galactus.

The human being Galactus refers to is Alicia Masters, who although blind, can see who the Surfer truly is: a hero.

But even this hero cannot overcome the one who imbued him with the ambient energies of the universe: the Power Cosmic. It will take a higher source, although, again, someone familiar.

The Watcher gives the Fantastic Four the means to defeat Galactus: an artifact from his home world called the Ultimate Nullifier.

Also known as "Return With Elixir"

Also known as “Return With Elixir”

Although Earth is saved, once again, our hero must pay the cost, and the Silver Surfer is pushed all the way back to the Ordeal.

How dare you, Surfer.


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