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The Safety [Net] Dance


I try really hard to avoid the big No No’s of Politics, Religion, Sex, and Money here on this blog, especially with a steady focus on Joseph Campbell lately.  But sometimes it can’t be helped.

[Does this video look pinched? Could be a clue…]

There’s this weird dance I feel I’ve been doing lately, amidst all the drugs prescriptions, bureaucracy, games of phone tag, and, as ever, Those Fuckers That Just Don’t Seem to Get It.

A thumbs up but for all the haters that don't know food stamps can buy seeds, it might as well be the finger

A thumbs up but for all the haters that don’t know food stamps can buy seeds, it might as well be the finger

If you’ve followed my Flickr, dear readers, you might have gleaned (pun intended) that we are working hard on a garden, and trying to make the most of what foodstuffs come our way.

It’s always been a drag, then, for me to open up the morning paper, or even my blog feed, and reading clueless rants about entitlement, the welfare state, the “no junk food” arguments that used to be “no steak”.

[EDIT 26 April 2013- The local newspaper printed my letter in today’s Editorial page.  It reads as follows:]

It frustrated me today to read more authoritarian, judgmental opinions about people in poverty, as I think they do not understand our situation.  Regarding “Let them eat noodles”: I still cook such for my family, well past the end of my schooling.  I agree, energy drinks should not be permitted by the program.  Yet the cost of disallowing soda, steak or other items has been stated to be too expensive.  I find the argument to be trite.  No mention is made of seeds and plants always allowed by the program, that only recently have my wife and I been able to raise for food.  We still yet struggle to make those food benefits last the entire month.  We would indeed struggle more if the budget for the program was cut, and we are still on disability, so it is unlikely that we could leave it behind anytime soon.  As to “‘Evil’ Rich”:  We have used Universal Service Fund low-income phone assistance programs responsibly.  I do not think an extension to Internet service is unworthy of the poor, as I use it to pay my bills and report to government services (for benefits) in a timely and efficient manner.

I like to think I'm exploring some overlooked corner *inside* the box.  Maybe just like Ivan here.

I like to think I’m exploring some overlooked corner *inside* the box. Maybe just like Ivan here.

Since the letters are no longer in the archives, the writer of the first basically suggested welfare recipients should live on macaroni and ramen like he did in college (doesn’t work so great for kids, dumbass, and I doubt your claim of “reasonably healthy”) and the second fretted about free wi-fi to low-income neighborhoods as frivolous after some odd meanderings I can’t remember.

A fallout with an Ex-Voxer way back over this topic still lingers in my brain, too.  So easy to whine, but I can do some simple math and tell you we can’t make $10/day for food stretch any harder.  We eat healthy– but we have LOTS of extra help.  Just the other Monday my father paid for another ~$100 of groceries for us.  Not regular, not consistent, so not cheating the system, either.

So, anyways, my physioterrorist (kidding, this “Son” of a father & son practice is someone I grew up with, and his dad freely encourages the jokes) is prescribing T.E.N.S. therapy at home and for the most part our insurance which is normally wonderful is presenting obstacles.

Modern Medicine in the U.S. does not cover bad hair days or adverse side effects

Modern Medicine in the U.S. does not cover bad hair days or adverse side effects

Last Tuesday one of the other patients at physio mentioned some nice things about a surgeon that I’m going to see on May 1st about options (hopefully none of them surgery).  I still fear she’s going to lecture me about losing weight.  So hard to explain to people– if it’s so easy, then why haven’t I done it long ago?  Or, “Would you like to hunt down all the mental health folks that put me on the drugs that blimped me out like this?”

Oh, by the way… anyone sign that Free The Sandman petition?  *sigh*  Did you read it?

Okay, rant over.  Back to the fun stuff…

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2 thoughts on “The Safety [Net] Dance

  1. A garden! Wonderful!!!! Lots of work, but totally worth it! I guess that fence discourages deer?
    I hope things go well for you with the surgeon.


    • It discourages my son. It’s not completely unknown for wildlife to be out here (we had a cougar wander in downtown– I kid you not), but he is a more likely threat. He’s free to help out but we padlock the gate when work is done.


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