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just not going to mess with multilevel marketers anymore


Gotta remind myself: “No thank you,” leave it at that: second attempts get a block.

At least it was better than the last time.  Last time I got propositioned at my financial institution.  For the same MLM I got bothered with the time before that, when I got the sales pitch from a trainer at the gym.

Fuck that shit.

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

4 thoughts on “just not going to mess with multilevel marketers anymore

  1. OMGosh…I’m not sure what this is about but it sounds very aggravating.
    I hope everything’s OK.


    • If you’ve ever heard of Nikken, Melaleuca, Vector Marketing, or Shaklee, then you know of multilevel marketing (MLM) companies I have dealt with personally and have been a distributor for. If you’ve ever heard of Avon, AdvoCare, Discovery Toys, Tahitian Noni, Amway, Amway Global/Quixstar, or Multiway Vitamins, then you know MLM companies where a distributor has tried to solicit my business. I was solicited by AdvoCare at the gym, and at the bank. If you’ve heard of The Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Scentsy, then you know of MLMs that I am aware of but have had the good fortune not to be involved in– although some of my friends and family have.

      I think Wikipedia’s articles on MLMs are pretty congruent with my experiences, including many of the downfalls. In most cases, the products weren’t bad– I am still enjoying the Cutco knives I had to purchase when I was with Vector Marketing. Many products were at almost outrageous prices, and the companies often required some sort of involvement with sales and distribution to receive a discount from those prices, often by way of a fee, or regular purchases of products, or both.

      This last MLM that Jhonny was pushing on me is the LifeVantage Corporation and some snake oil supplement called Protandim… some sort of claim to stimulate antioxidant activity. I’ve never heard of it, and if my doctor isn’t mentioning it, I’m not going to bother.

      I’ll slap up a vid to explain things better… OH yes, someone made a movie satirizing the MLM industry.


  2. Oh, yes…I’ve heard of several of them and I’m familiar enough with how they function (heard from people I’ve known over the years and new stories, etc.) to have a good idea of what you’re dealing with. I just didn’t know what the acronym “MLM” meant.

    I’ve never dealt with any of them, for anything. Being “sold to” brings my radar up VERY fast and I usually run the other way.

    But I know that a few of the organizations have excellent track records/reputations.


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