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Just to mess with moviewriternyu

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Some actual quotes, from the Miami Herald

Whistling man defends himself:

“God is showing me what I’m doing is OK,” [the whistler] told The Portland Press Herald ( “He shows me every day with laughter.”

Portland Downtown District, on why whistling man is irritating:

“Just like if somebody plays an instrument in front of your business or has the radio on constantly, it’s irritating,” Beitzer said.

Prosecutor explains why whistling man was cited for disorderly conduct:

“The judge and I viewed this as a behavioral issue,” she said. “(Smith) was aggressive. He would follow people who gave him a wrong look.”

Truth is stranger than fiction! What does the Modern Philosopher say?

Read more here:

(inspired by Just to mess with Bill 1939 and Just to mess with purplesque)

WPIX 11 New York

New York residents are no stranger to noise, but apparently residents in Portland, Maine are unable to tolerate it.

A man who walks around town while whistling was ticketed after a number of people complained to police about the ‘disturbance.’

Officers ordered the melodious offender to circulate around town while whistling, hoping to appease the annoyed patrons’ complaints.

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One thought on “Just to mess with moviewriternyu

  1. Yowee.
    Yet another reason why I don’t go into cities.


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