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It’s time for another LOLBeeeze-style story

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Any fans of Patricia C. Wrede’s “The Enchanted Forest” series?  Sometimes knights in shining armor do NOT rescue fair princesses.  Sometimes those knights are more a hindrance than a help.  Especially when a princess and a dragon are good friends and Sir Bucket Head is getting in the way.

Once upon a time, Sir Bucket Head made the mistake of thinking Princess Conehead was trapped in a tower.  (It’s actually a castle.)  He tried to rescue her when she did not need to be rescued.

Sir Bucket Head is bothering Princess Conehead

But Sir Bucket Head did not realize that Princess Conehead lived with a dragon, her friend and honored guest.

He did not even see Nathgar coming

The dragon’s name was Nathgar, and he was very polite.

“Excuse me, good knight…”


But Sir Bucket Head did not even seem to hear.

The oppressive knight ignores the dragon

Nathgar, ever the diplomatic sort, tried to give Sir Bucket Head another chance…

“I’m warning you…”

but Sir Bucket Head made no response, and harrassed the poor Princess all the more.

Apparently, Sir Bucket Head has ears of stone

Princess Conehead was a tough sort, but Sir Bucket Head was getting rough.  So Nathgar had to take action.

CHOMP! Tastes like canned Spam

Princess Conehead was grateful and presented Nathgar with the bad knight’s sword.

And Nathgar was grateful for the after-dinner toothpick

Nathgar and Princess Conehead did have many more wonderful stories, but know this, dear reader, that they did live happily ever after.

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One thought on “It’s time for another LOLBeeeze-style story

  1. Mmph LOL. I laughed throughout this thing. This is a really funny story. Thanks for doing this. Princess and I both thought it was hilareous. We read it two or three times each.


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