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Goodbye, WHM?

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I am having to let more things go… and this is really hard.

I know that some of you know that those independent music labels are appreciative of any sort of exposure they can get. But I feel that I have been dragging them along a little bit.

I have a perfectionist streak and that’s probably why I don’t get articles done faster. I did get into a niche where I wrote mostly on instrumental music, but… I think that from a marketing standpoint, it would have been better if I had finished press sooner.

I continue to struggle with health issues and now I have a child with special needs. Those of you reading already have an idea. I want to say that I am being more fair to them, but really, of course, I am letting go of pressure on myself.

I partly hung on and was duplicating articles because I wanted to keep Ex-Voxers remembering that We Heart Music started out on VOX. But I suspect that many just chose to forget; although Vu was considering WordPress (and he discussed it with me so I do know where he is coming from), he went with TypePad. Kinda disappointing because oh YES, it really is easier with native audio support… and really, articles got a lot easier to do there. I don’t think Vu knocks himself out half so much or maybe some of you remember how much VOX had to be tweaked with HTML code or Javascript commands.

Ergh… I am going to write the e-mail now. Best not to put it off.

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