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Hey guys. This is something I wrote up at TechsWrite. Please read, please comment– I want to make sure this is easy to read for the average user– especially the “I’m dumb with computers” folks!

TechsWrite: The Helpful Techie

I’ve spent some time teaching computer security to friends and family, as well as a few communities on the Internet. Password security seems to be a very common weak link for many.

I’ve been musing for a long time on how to sum things up easily, and efficiently. I had an idea that involved Master Lock Wordlock padlocks:

This was a later 5-tumbler variation that had not only letter rings that fit over the tumblers, but a few rings with numbers and special characters on them. I figured I could videotape a demonstration of something tangible to illustrate how many password generation methods work.

Then I stumbled on new information that just made all of that pretty useless. So let me break it down this way.

First, watch this news video that summarizes Steve Gibson’s approach: How safe are your computer passwords?
or read more at GRC’s | Password Haystacks:…

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  1. Ha! That was reassuring! I’ve been using strings of uncommon words since I started going online. I do sometimes toss in other things and change cases just to keep things interesting for myself. Those cross-platform sign-ins have ALWAYS freaked me out. Won’t go near them. It’s like asking for trouble, I think. I also don’t use the computer/browser features that accommodate saving passwords for me.Bah!! never activate “Keychain” on my Mac, for instance. All browsers are set to not do the “save password” thing or auto-fill for forms.

    Basically I avoid anything that’s set up to make things easier for me. I’m very suspicious of that…LOL

    But I don’t suppose anything is ever safe-safe…someone will always figure out a way in.
    Terrific article!


    • Well if I remember some of our conversations and various things you’ve mentioned in your blogging adventures, you understand the mathematical reasoning of the article. And of course, you’re already keeping your own system pretty secure.

      I am hoping for a little more feedback from others, though. I always run into someone that a breakdown like this isn’t enough. And there’s the dilemma: there’s a lot of tech articles floating out there, but not many that are written for the non-tech masses. I still have no idea if I’ve explained it simply enough, or if those I’m writing to will ever really look at it. I showed it to my father, but his immediate question was basically “well what motivated you to write this? Were you asked to write this? (i.e. do you have an audience demanding this sort of material?)” I suppose his questions were fair considering he worked as an auditor at Hanford.


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