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Princess and the KOG at Vista

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Bit of a response to Cimmorene’s Back to School: Pre-School Bus Drills.

Princess had a bit of a benefit compared to Boy, as her school had an offical open house. If you read the above link, though, you’ll learn that Cimmy took care of that for him and his first few days have been going well.

I’m surprised she’s done so well. This is basically her third school in three years. She changed schools the first time because school district boundaries had to be redrawn due to a newer housing community adding more students… incidentally to the elementary I attended for just one year way back in 1984. The second time was because she was accepted to the gifted program, and the third was as the program changed host schools this year.

Understand– there was something that remained the same, and that was the program teachers and all her classmates, for the most part. Just like at her previous school, the KOG classrooms were in portable buildings. The difference was these were new and didn’t stink so bad (well, from what Mrs. D, her teacher this year, told me– “new car smell” was her words).

Already Princess is starting to talk like a teenager, or preteen, if you will. When I asked her about her first day, she said “average” and the following day it was “fine”. But she was still willing to answer my follow-up questions, which were more specific.

I asked her if she had enough time for breakfast at the school before class. (She did.) I asked her about the school library. (She said it sucked, because they required her to check out a book, and she was trying to explain she was bad about returning them– like her mother. Honest; Cimmy won’t deny it.) I asked her about the KOG library, and she clarified that it was in the other half of the portable her classroom was in, just an inside door away. I asked about the unusual layout of the cafeteria and the gym. (She said there was a small “tunnel” without doors between the two. A much more typical arrangement is to include the school kitchen, stage, and gym in one “multi-purpose” room.)

She was not exactly eager to relate all this once again to my mother. (She’s perceptive and has her own opinions about her grandmother’s nosiness, and… *cough*nopenotdescribingthatmessalloveragain*cough*)
She kept asking, “Can I hang up now?” Eh. Between me, and her, Mom got enough of the scoop.

Didn’t ask about reactions to her black eye. Yep, she managed it again accidentally bonking her forehead on her loft bed somehow. Cimmy thought it was marker ink until I said I’d found her crying and that she told me what happened.

Oh… Princess herself took photo evidence (what WONDERFUL self-portraits) but I hope you’ll understand if I’m reluctant to share it here. You may ask to see if you wish and I’ll consider your request. Flickr has nice guest pass accomodations for private photos.

Anyways, hopefully that’s enough to give you the idea. There may be more posts like this down the road.

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