the tao of jaklumen

the path of the sage must become the path of the hero

4 thoughts on “Anyone actually reading?

  1. It’s been very very quiet on the internets!


  2. Too true. My own desire to write in my blog seems to have waned somewhat. I hope to have future opportunities for building that desire after my children return to school. Then again, I’ll have future opportunities for just about anything then.


  3. ::runs in::
    Haven’t been on WP much at all recently…I hope you’re all well and not anywhere near the fires…???

    ((((hugs))))) and ::waves:: to the jaklumenpeoples

    I’m trying to get this old original WP site back to normal. Put up a test post a few minutes ago, trying to find out if the comment thing has been resolved or not.


    • We are getting some downwinds from those fires in Cle Elum, which is about 2 hours west of us. The air pollution seems most obvious to me at night. There were some weather warnings about the particles and increased pollen count (in addition) should be avoided by anyone susceptible (the elderly, the very young, etc.) Mostly, though, with temperatures averaging around 95F during the peak of the day, I don’t go out a whole lot. I might get some paper filter masks, but I think we’ll be all right.


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