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Does the Internet understand privacy controls?


More strangeness on Flickr. There are still some users adding us that have rather pornographic photos. But what frustrates me more is that many users do not seem to understand how Flickr’s privacy controls and content filters work, and probably more so those users that do not have content that I consider objectionable for our family account.

I’ll break it down as simply as I can. The privacy controls are similar to that were used by Vox and are still used by LiveJournal. The content filters include safety level and content type.

Now, to explain the first a little more. The privacy controls are one level of Public, and three levels of Private. Private breaks down to “Friends”, “Family”, and “Only You”. Many users I’ve met do not differentiate the private levels, but lump the first two together.

“Family” is really the only one I ever consistently use, and it’s used for real family members connected by blood or law. Most of these photos have something that would reveal our geographical location or our personal data (real names, etc.) I don’t restrict much because we use pseudonyms and edit real names out of photos and scans.

The content filters are the ones I see users tripping up on (or they aren’t clearly using them as intended). It breaks down to “safe”, “moderate”, and “restricted”. It’s basically a concession to those that photograph nudity, from the erotic to the less prurient.

It was one of my brothers-in-law that I first noticed using the SafeSearch filter in an odd way. Absolutely no nudity whatsoever (and still none that I can see). Perhaps he’s pulling devious and set it up that way so folks were more inclined to look if it seemed like a proverbial forbidden fruit.

I’m also guessing that there’s disagreement over what is “moderate” content. Flickr gives a more general guideline that bare breasts and bottoms are “moderate” and full frontal nudity is “restricted”.

Perhaps my troubles are linked with my Yahoo! connection. Yahoo has long had a seedy side that I did dip into years ago before the children were born. There’s possibility that the exhibitionists are finding our account that way, and I haven’t been thorough enough scrubbing my old Yahoo! account. It might be time to set up a new ID.

Any other possibilities I’m thinking of will just descend into a long lecture about privacy on the Internet generally, and shall be saved for another time… maybe.

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

2 thoughts on “Does the Internet understand privacy controls?

  1. People! The bane of the internet…


    • Ironic, isn’t it?

      I think it’s a bit of a struggle between academia and business, which also manifests itself in U.S. politics. Hard to say which has the upper hand, but a lot of what’s been happening with mobile computing and “social networking” seems to be a push for consumerism.

      Not to mention social networking still seems to be one of a few very extroverted responses to what is still a very flat and almost inherently introverted medium. (And so the jokes abound… people trying to take it everywhere…)


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