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Navigating the pitfalls of the “socially networked” Internet


In a word: Google+ ultimately shares the same annoyances I found at Facebook: there is always someone that’s got to make a grand statement about power and control, personal belief, how folks should do the funky hokey-pokey, and how they should manage their money.

Not to mention I get excuses and backtalk if I say, “Hey now, that hurt.” At best, I got a “oh, yeah, Google+’s performance sucks, blah blah blah white space blah blah blah slow.” (Not what I was talking about, but, whatever…)

Flickr is good. I’ve been getting more people adding us as a contact (us? yeah, it’s a family account now, because Cimmy and Princess take photographs too) Quite a few are sharing our interests… charming pictures of young relatives and such. However, one I can sum up as “no, I’m not really interested in nekkid pictures of your wife.” It’s mildly prurient but of course… not something appropriate for the kids to see.

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

6 thoughts on “Navigating the pitfalls of the “socially networked” Internet

  1. Oh, boy, I hear you on that one. I’m glad you like Flickr. It’s a nice service. I’ve stored a lot of family photos on it, actually.


  2. Hey, that’s super about Flickr!

    I closed my Goggle+ accounts a while ago. It just wasn’t a good fit. And FB… eww.


    • It’s interesting because my experience with Flickr has gone up by both negative and positive amounts. I think the positive amounts have been more; like getting messages with polite introductions and “thank you for your interest in my hobby”. But there was one negative that was just more: instead of odd European sort of nudism, someone added me… East Asian and basically softcore porn pictures. Nothing I haven’t seen before many times, but, the Flickr account is a family one and of course that stuff is NOT appropriate.

      Oh… Redbubble pulled the photo of Princess’s “Plants vs. Zombies” diorama. Now I have a REALLY personal reason to hate current practices of copyright law. Didn’t get a warning beforehand– just a “it’s gone because we had a complaint”. Probably some overzealous, bottom-feeding lawyer…


  3. I only use FB, G+ and Twit for the advertising potential in an attempt towards bringing friends to my blog. Otherwise, I don’t often go there.


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