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The New Bike


The New Bike by jaklumen & family
The New Bike, a photo by jaklumen & family on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Mongoose BMX-style bike for Princess (not sure what the diameter size is… 19"?), outfitted with a bell and bugle horn, to alert drivers and other passers-by.

We gave my daughter a new bike after her old one was wrecked in an accident with a pickup truck. So… for all those of you that were worried– she’s more or less fine, now.

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

3 thoughts on “The New Bike

  1. Awesome bike! And I’m glad the Princess is okay now. You said you gave her the bike, so I take it the driver who hit her never made good on his promise? Or did you wring a bicycle out of him?


    • He never made good on his promises to Cimmorene; his words were one thing, but his actions quite another. To sum up, he completely avoided our insurance company. He was uninsured at the time of the accident, so our company was left to pay the ambulance bill. Although Cimmy and Princess did not want to accept a “pain and suffering” settlement check, I said it seemed we would not have money for a replacement any other way. The remainder was saved to a “rainy day” account that supplements our month-to-month expenses and is not directly under our control (“Bank ‘O Dad” if that makes sense).

      We all would have preferred negotiating with the driver. I did not relish the thought of letting our insurance company take him to collections, especially as it was for an amount that is a lot to us and probably a lot to him, too. But it seemed we had no better options.


  2. YAY!! That’s a terrific bike!!!!!


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