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Loop 2.4.3 (Further down the rabbit hole in E-burg)

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The Return of Chickchi (WHM promotional shot)
What a busy, busy weekend.

If the photos weren’t already a huge indication, I got to witness something pretty special– something that doesn’t happen in my stomping grounds very often.

I wrote a review of a musical group three years ago, and last Friday, I got to meet the musicians in person and experience the music live. And it’s pretty rare when hardworking professionals show up to a school, much less one I used to attend, and take some time to share with students what they do and allow them to study their own work. Yes, these guys have their publisher print out copies of their music, and they let students perform it.

THAT is pretty awesome, my dear readers.

After the clinic/recital, Professor Mark Goodenberger (Director of Percussion Studies) and another faculty member I can’t remember the name of invited the guys to grab a meal at the Wing Central on campus. They were gracious enough to let me tag along.

There is a funny story about me ordering a fiery spicy Hellwing, signing a waiver for it (yes, really), eating it, and surviving– with all at the table to witness, especially Lorne Watson (yes, the bearded guy in the video). But mostly we just talked shop, schmoozed, and generally hung out.

I couldn’t be happier. Before I left, Thomas got me a copy of the CD, so I could listen to it before I went home. As Stuart Wolferman (their producer, of Unfinished Side Productions) mailed me another copy that came in the mail to me today, when I got home, I gave the first copy to my father. He wanted to come, but he wound up chauffering my daughter and my son around that day.

I don’t get paid for reviewing music… but this was SO worth it!

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