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Loop 2.4.3 (Ellensburg appearance)

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The Return of Chickchi (WHM promotional shot)UndergroundAs A Child (Thom closeup on steel drum)American Elder (flash fill-in)American Elder (no flash)Alchemy II: Dreamland (flash fill-in, Thom closeup)
As A Child (closeup)Alchemy II: Dreamland (no flash)Alchemy II: Dreamland (no flash, Thom closeup)Alchemy II: Dreamland (no flash, alternate shot)Alchemy II: Dreamland (flash fill-in)Zodiac Dust (Lorne closeup)

Via Flickr:
Loop 2.4.3 is Lorne Watson and Thomas Kozumplik, a percussion duo based in Brooklyn, NY. This was at a percussion clinic/recital held at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA, and is part of their American Dreamland Tour Program 2012, which is ongoing and includes appearances at schools across the United States.

jaklumen writes for We Heart Music (a music promotional website) and covered their previous recording, Zodiac Dust. A review for their current recording, American Dreamland, is forthcoming.

[If you recall me talking about writing for a music blog– this is part of what I do. This, however, was something special. –jak]

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