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Tri-Cities Kite Festival 2012

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Kite Rides 50 CentsUnknown kiteDiamond kite (Conover Eddy?)Greg GregerThat parafoil just won't stay aloftAnother delta of sorts
IMG_0162Canine spectatorPreparing the beastPlayground funAnother Conover EddyAnother delta
CyclistGroup kite shotGroup kite shot 2Group kite shot 3Group shot 4Group shot 5
IMG_0174IMG_0177IMG_0179Box kiteIMG_0181IMG_0182

Tri-Cities Kite Festival 2012, a set on Flickr.

This was the OTHER fun half of Easter Sunday.

We got there late as our church schedule is in the middle of the day this year, but we still met up with a photographer friend we met last year and the weather was beautiful.

Via Flickr:
Once again, the Tri-Cities (Benton-Franklin County) Kite Festival was held at Columbia Point Marina Park in Richland, WA.

The weather was MUCH better this year– well, more sunshine, but not quite so much consistent wind, unfortunately.

Photos by Cimmorene/sitori6 and jaklumen.

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One thought on “Tri-Cities Kite Festival 2012

  1. We missed some of the best kites of the festival– but our local newspaper sure didn’t!

    Click here for the gallery.


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