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3 Tips for Building A Blog Audience


Distilled from Bestselling Author Shares 3 Tips for Building Your Blog Audience at the WordPress blog.

1. Read and comment on other blogs that have a similar audience to yours.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

3. Give credit where credit is due. (If you are inspired by another blog post, reference it and link back if you write about the subject.)

After a lengthy previous post, I’ll save my commentary and invite you to read the article in full for more context.

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

4 thoughts on “3 Tips for Building A Blog Audience

  1. Good advice…thank you for sharing it!

    One thing turns me off (and I know that’s not necessarily what the article was about, but it’s related) is geting “likes” from people who never do anything else except click that “like” button. LOL…I’ve gotten “likes” from folks who post in languages I don’t know who to read! Am I supposed to like things I can’t read? I can’t comment on them. And did the people understand my posts?

    I try to never “like” unless I also comment. It takes time but it’s worth it to be part of the process, add to the conversation.

    That “like” button (and its relative on other sites) could easily be ditched, IMHO.

    Thank you for listening to my little pet peeve.


    • Understood.

      I was told, though, that some use the “Like” button when they figure they don’t have much good to say. But I agree with your sentiment… it could be ditched (but you know it won’t).


  2. BTW, I like your theme!
    Easy to read…sleek.

    And the header’s super.


    • Thank you! It took me a few tries to get a theme that looked good and was easy to read.

      The header is an old one I used at VOX– from a VOX group devoted to making headers. I passed it through a few filters to get the look I wanted then, and now… well, it’s springtime and I figured this old header would look good. I think I had to crop it to meet WP specs, but otherwise it’s still one that’s been around before 😉


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