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I don’t think everyone has seen this yet.
If you go to the link she has provided for “Vox Journal Jar In Exile”, you will also find a post with more information about this story generator.

Cimmy's Stories

Reposted from Vox Journal Jar in Exile

For those who enjoy reading this blog, jak has asked me to post a sample story using the story cubes.  We had the beginnings of one story, but, for some reason, I lost it.  So, today, I began another.

Warning: This entry will be long, so brace yourselves, okay?

Here’s one way jak suggested the story cubes could be used for story generation or as creative inspiration.  It’s pretty simple.

Step 1. Roll the cubes.   This is the roll out I got.  The black images are from the red container of regular images.  The blue images are from the blue container of actions.  I can use the images in any order I like to create a story.

Story Cube Roll-out

In case you can’t make out some of the images, the ordinary images I got were a flag, a question mark, a book…

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