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Getting To Know You (Again)


DISCLAIMER- I don’t expect any of my readers to feel obligated to participate in memes, for two following reasons:

  1. I know that one of them is weary of these memes (and has said so publicly). I wish to be respectful of that.
  2. I am not sure I know eleven people (according to rules I was tagged with) who would be interested in participating. See also #1.

Any rules I might cling to would be opt-in, much like Stevil did them. If you want to participate, say so, if you don’t– then don’t. I am willing to ask each willing participant separate questions. Please see this post, at least if you want to know a little bit more about the Ex-VOXer who tagged me. Many of you, I think, already have an idea on how these memes typically operate and this should be so much gravy anyways.

On to the questions!

1. What’s your least favorite food or drink and why?

I have consistently disliked raw celery since I was an infant. It is the intensity of flavor, the texture, and most especially the strings that are left behind if the preparer does not remove them.

I have learned to be okay with celery in some things, like vegetable juice, soup, or something where it blends with other flavors AND it is chopped or diced to the point that texture and strings are gone.

2. If you could be a literary character for one day, in that character’s world (not ours), whom would you choose?

I think it would be fun to be the Incarnation of Time from Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality series, or even Hypnos, the Incarnation of Sleep (a lesser incarnation). But I would choose to to stay within the mechanics of that universe, and remain a semblance of myself. For example, if I had a day as Time, I would not be the character Norton, who is the mortal that takes on that office. There would have to be some sort of exception, however, since mortals take on offices of Incarnation for life.

3. What person who was born before 1800 would you like to escort around our world for a week, if you could?

George Frideric Handel.

4. Are you left-handed? Right-handed? Both?

I am a boring rightie. My father is left-handed, although his neurologist reports him as ambidextrous. (He is not categorized as naturally ambidextrous, I suspect, and may be considered cross-dominantcross-dominant by other criteria.) My son, who is almost 5, seems to use both hands, even with his rudimentary writing (writing “H” and “O”) a lot. This is something we might ask a specialist about when he is formally diagnosed for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

5. If you have to go outside in heavy rain when you’re wearing very expensive new shoes and have no other footwear available to substitute, what do you do?

What a dandified question. (The less-refined and impolite part of me says, “What a girlie-girl question!”) Interestingly, my current pair of Sketchers dress shoes were damaged by slightly melted snow a few months ago, as its lug soles had the best traction of all my footwear. But they were NOT expensive, and they were purchased by way of an employment program.

I would like my next pair to be very durable, perhaps something from the Doc Marten line, which would be expensive by my own resources. I own a pair of Doc Marten boots, although I don’t wear them as much due to fat and swollen feet (the boots also run a bit narrow). I think they’d be able to survive a heavy rain just fine, particularly if I was careful to clean them afterwards. Good footwear should endure the elements, I think.

6. What’s the food or drink that first pops into your mind when you think of your favorite holiday, and why?

I thought of Chex Mix when I read this question enough times to make an association. I made some last Happy Hallowthankamas with flaxseed corn chips. I think there is great satisfaction in making it yourself, and coming up with your own variations. My paternal grandmother’s recipe, “Nuts & Bolts”, uses Cheerios and pretzel sticks. I often follow it to a degree, but will use a generic/house brand version of Honey Nut Cheerios.

It is possible to substitute Chex with similar cereals like Crispix (Krispies) or Shreddies.

7. Do you yell at other drivers when you’re behind the wheel? If no, why not? — OR – If you don’t drive, do you ever yell at other people when you know they can’t hear you? If no, why not?

I am known to curse, swear, and show rude gestures to people driving poorly. I am working on that, however. I do not want to become a road rage statistic– either as an aggressor, or as a casualty. I can’t control drivers “driving like bozos”, but I can work on my attitude about it.

8. What’s your least favorite day of the year and why?

I don’t know.

9. How much starlight do you think you’d need in order to get a star burn?

I don’t know. Sol, our sun, is classified as a yellow dwarf. It would probably depend on the star and my proximity to it, wouldn’t it? It’d also depend whether I was within the atmosphere of Earth, the emptiness of space, or on another planetary body (moons as well as planets).

10. What do you do when you stub your toe so hard that it feels like you broke it?

It hurts like hell, but I usually try to pull or gently stretch it, particularly if it’s “jammed”. Usually, though, I just get an awful bruise, particularly on pinky toes. I’ve worked very hard on my balance since my back got really bad, but sometimes I stumble anyways, particularly when I’m tired and/or stressed.

11. How many blogs do you think there are on the internet?

I won’t attempt to speculate. There might be as many as the four billion people on this Earth, but I’m certain some have none and others have a handful they’ve created. Some are for individuals, and some for organizations. There are too many variables to consider, especially as “blog” is not well-defined here. Can “social networks” be included? Is it a “short-form” or a “long-form” blog? It all depends.

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Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

6 thoughts on “Getting To Know You (Again)

  1. “3. What person who was born before 1800 would you like to escort around our world for a week, if you could?

    George Frideric Handel.”
    My pick would be: Thomas Paine (aka… Mr. Age of Reason)


  2. That’s too bad about celery. I’m allergic to it.
    Fascinating answers!


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