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Ducked “con virus” as well as “con crud”

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Many of you are probably familiar with the fact that many communicable diseases are passed when people are indoors and in close quarters. Most of you are familiar that these conditions often occur during the winter.

So it wouldn’t be a surprise if I said there was a double whammy at Radcon 6, our local gaming/SF/sci-fi/fantasy convention. (The typical common cold and such passed around is referred to as “con crud”.)

I toyed with the idea of going. But the last time I went, my daughter was bored, almost to tears, despite implementation of science demonstrations and activities for the kids. It just wasn’t enough for Princess. And when I put out a message to the website’s forums that I wanted to host some kid-friendly games (read: RPGs, not card games), I got a rather managerial “Oh, look, another volunteer!” which was less support than I wanted.

I had felt bad because I called my sister at the convention and got a “Kiddie Con seems to be a smashing success this year!” and I just quietly hung up admist the din that was badly distracting her from our conversation. But I called her last night, mostly to ask how birthday celebrations went for my niece.

She said a viral infection had been going around– a nasty one that put a few people in the hospital (we half-joked that maybe they were the more hygiene-impaired sort that are usually lampooned when people satirize conventions). She added that the local CDC was involved and had already ruled out food poisoning and bacterial infections that are typically preventable.  (EDIT 2/25/2012: this is precisely what the local news reported.)

I inherited a vulnerability to infections, so, in short, I could tell myself I didn’t have to feel bad. I don’t like getting sick! I had already been sick 2-3 times over this winter drawing to a close.

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