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I’m not sure how many are looking at my TechsWrite blog, so… reblogged.

TechsWrite: The Helpful Techie

An earlier post, At Stevil’s blog: New Year’s Inspiration (managing digital distractions) was about a fellow blogger, Stevil, and his New Year’s resolve to manage his use of the Internet.

It reminded me of another blog post called How to Quit Mindlessly Surfing the Internet and Actually Get Stuff Done. What stood out to me was that Brett and Kate McKay mentioned editing the host file. I did this myself, but not just with the idea of saving myself some time. I also did it because there was the added benefit of blocking ads and some real junk and crap that is out there– including the stuff that brings malware and other things that can harm your system.
They sum the benefits pretty well:

What’s great about this method is that it blocks these sites across all browsers. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Firefox, Chrome, or Explorer, if…

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  1. Hmmmm. I like this (visited the link) and the idea of it, but I probably won’t do it. Might try on a different computer, just to see if I kill it. My track record with this kind of thing is very bad.

    I don’t mind ads showing up and I don’t waste time online in the ways most people do, so I don’t think having stuff show up all the time is too bad. EXCEPT for malware, which is freaky and disgusting and hurtful. But in the past I’ve tried stuff to protect my computer from malware and ended up doing more harm than good.

    Also, I’ve never fired up “Terminal” and wouldn’t know how if I wanted to. But I’ve bookmarked the link and will keep it in mind if things go haywire or if I learn more.

    Thank you!!!!


    • If you follow things exactly step by step, it’s pretty hard to mess up. But there are programs/apps that will do much the same thing, but with a nice pretty GUI that is more user-friendly. I remember there was one for Ubuntu, and you just put in the blacklist in a window, and you were done. If I can find something similar for Mac, I’ll let you know.

      But you might do really well with ABP. You could set it up for both Firefox and for Chrome/Chromium… as I said, the Chrome version lets some ads in, probably all Google-related. If that interests you, I can craft a step-by-step tutorial.

      The reason why I write about stuff like this is malware has changed, or rather the means by which it’s passed around. Much of it now comes by downloading stuff on the Internet, and so methods to block it have changed, too.

      p.s. as you are on a Mac, you are already in a much better position than the standard Windows user.


      • Oh, that’s really nice of you! than you!
        But I’ll hold off for now. I’ve cut back my internt use drastically and am cutting it down more everyday. Also, I almost never download anything.

        I don’t like ads (I NEVER click on them!!) but they don’t bother me — they’re getting invisible…LOL



      • Stick with that, my friend… that’s the first line of defense, right there.


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