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A wonderful exchange (update)

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My wife and I already write letters to friends and family, and the letter that arrived Saturday was from an extended family member—one of my aunts, that we dearly love, and who writes back faithfully. In fact, there was a message for each of us.

EDIT for WP: Our heart aches for our dear Aunt C., because she also faces trial and adversity, which she did mention again as in times past.

Pardon me a religious expression, dear readers, for she shares a great faith and devotion to our master, Jesus of Nazareth, in the face of all the pain and suffering that we have each experienced. Regardless of whether you share our sentiments this way, I would that you know that she has shared our burden and allowed us the same. The tears that are in my eyes even now are bittersweet, but that trust we share is real, despite trust being bankrupted so many times in my life.

I thank you once again for your own letters, dear ex-VOXers, and a reminder to continue writing to loved ones.

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