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A Month of Letters (Flickr photos so far)

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Princess likes kawaii!poor birdieA whale of a good timeFroggie went a-courtin' and he did come apartSo much funPrincess with the erasers
Reassembled erasers (wide shot)

A Month of Letters, a set on Flickr.

Yes, these came courtesy of an Ex-VOXer… if she doesn’t mind me saying so, it was our very own Hangaku Gozen

We also got letters from participants in the Pacific Northwest, including Mary herself.
It was a real pleasure to read that many writers were familiar with our city/area and it wasn’t simply The Ass End of Nowhere.

Via Flickr:
Photos regarding the "A Month of Letters" challenge given by Mary Kowal. See for more information, and about our participation.

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One thought on “A Month of Letters (Flickr photos so far)

  1. Wow!! Good stuff!! Adorable pix, too!


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