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Dragon’s Lair by Cimmorene is moving to WordPress


Today Cimmy announced that her blog Dragon’s Lair was moving to WordPress.  Previously, she had chosen to host it at TypePad.  She explains as follows:

Unfortunately, I have reason to be less than happy with them.  I wish I could say that I enjoyed being there, but the more I had that blog, the more frustrated I became.  I felt that I was writing that blog for everyone else and nobody other than a few trusted people ever seemed to comment. 

This blog will be different.  No weeklies, with the exception of the Saturday Reality Check.  Most of the rest of the blog entries from TypePad have been trashed.  So, if you came looking for them, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

I asked her and she clarified she’d still be willing to continue entries like “Monday Morning Mashup” (carrying on my old “Monday Monster Mashup” idea that had been a VOX group), but they wouldn’t be a weekly thing anymore.  We’ve been struggling to keep clutter and things around the house tamed and in place.  You might remember I mentioned that I was fried out and not posting as much, myself.

We’d discussed this a lot, and I’d insisted that our housekeeping needed to move up in priority.  I suggested streamlining our efforts, collaborating a bit more, things like that.  We’ll see how it goes.  But first, I want to say I am glad that she is working a bit more on the WordPress blog she DID establish already, and that is Cimmy’s Stories.  There are new stories.  I suggested recently that she add some storytelling podcasts to the blog, and that I’d be willing to help.

Dear readers, please add (or mark changes for) these blogs for your reading pleasure.

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4 thoughts on “Dragon’s Lair by Cimmorene is moving to WordPress

  1. I’m glad she’s moved to WordPress. In order to leave a comment at her Typepad blog, I had to create an account, and I didn’t want yet another blogging account that I never use. (Hello, LiveJournal.)

    I also know what you mean by needing to get control of the clutter. Over the holidays my parents’ house got buried in “stuff.” Putting the holiday decorations helped, but I need to jump in and get rid of books I’ll never read again and clothes I’ll never wear. My parents also used the holidays as an excuse to fill the place with crates of Costco purchases. It’s time for me to sneak a few bags to the food bank!


    • Well, she did much like I did– she made a blog at TypePad, and a blog at WordPress, to see which would turn out better. “Dragon’s Lair” was the former, and “Cimmy’s Stories” is the latter. She wound up putting a lot of time into the first… and I don’t think anyone noticed when she mentioned the second at the Diaspora, early on.

      Here’s to reboots and fresh starts, I guess. I also told her if she wanted to capture the Ex-Vox readership, she’d have to be more at WordPress, so there you go.


  2. Typepad didn’t thrill me, the little bit of time that I tried it. There are some really super people there, old friends. But I’m already waaaaaaay over-committed to this kind of thing and need to cut back, too. I rarely go to Google + now.

    So it’ll be nice to see Cimmorene here!


    • Well, as I said, she’s been at WordPress about as long as the rest of us, but that detail got overlooked, and she wasn’t posting much to that WP blog (Cimmy’s Stories) until now.

      Anyways, I think “Dragon’s Lair” looks better at WP, and I am happy she is devoting a little more time to “Cimmy’s Stories” now as well.


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