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Candy Corn Gum Drops


There was a Question of the Week (QotW) at the Vox Diaspora blog a few months ago about candy corn.

I like candy corn okay, as maybe you read me saying when I responded. But I really like this version even better:

They were on clearance sale at a local grocery store I visit sometimes. I know some people prefer to have candy corn closer to Halloween. But I think of it more as seasonal-specific than holiday-specific, and it’s nice to have one last taste of autumn, as winter descends. Besides, I do love that waxy goodness that comes with gummy candies, and if you could see me now, I assure you that I say it with a straight face.

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

6 thoughts on “Candy Corn Gum Drops

  1. I don’t like gummy anything, only because I got a Jujube stuck in my teeth when I was a kid and was forced to go to the dentist to have it scraped out. (Why my mother didn’t think of dental floss back then is beyond me.)

    A good candy however doesn’t need a special season to eat it. I like peppermint candies; I’ll take those neglected candy canes from Christmas and break them up into little pieces so I can pop them in my mouth while I’m working or driving, whenever I want a little sugar or just to get that morning-coffee taste out of my mouth.


    • Indeed. I agree with your sentiments about peppermint candies. I don’t think they were particularly associated with Christmas until the cane variation was invented. I mean, you break off the hooks (any flavor, not just peppermint) and it’s just another candy stick that has been known and enjoyed for generations.

      I have chronic dry mouth and I’ll take a hard candy pretty much anytime I can get it. I do like root beer barrels and Jolly Ranchers but peppermint lozenge candies seem to be more common.


  2. That’s fascinating!
    I’ve never seen them before.


  3. Looks fun! The idea of it is very foreign to me though! Not sure if we have this type of food down here.


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