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Since I can’t make a G+ post that would attract even the minimum of attention…

Hey Ex-Voxers… what would you think about creating a Google page? (I know many of us have found each other already, but it might consolidate some of our efforts to stay connected.)

There’s a part of me that wonders, “Oh, hey, does the silence mean an unspoken ‘yes’?”

I mean, I’m an admin at the Ex-VOX forum… and that went nowhere. Yeah, I know Metz and Ross are busy, but, part of me thinks they find it a total snore or something. Or that it’s boring AND it just takes too much time at a stretch to keep going. The latter is more likely.

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9 thoughts on “G+ page

  1. I dropped out from Google+ and won’t go back, sorry. I don’t understand the point of the place: it’s not like facebook, where you get your own page, and my stream got flooded with the babble of some former Voxer who had ADHD and would post every freaking thing that caught her attention. (Yeah, I know, I could have exiled her to a circle of hell or whatever, but at the time I didn’t know how to shut off the screamers.) The people whom I wanted to see on G+ never showed up, or would post infrequently. Finally I got into a fight with Ms. ADHD and she sicced all her followers on me. So that was it for my Google+ experiment.

    I still prefer blogging, anyway. I twitter sometimes too, but those abbreviated comments don’t do anything for me.


    • Yeah, fair enough. You’ve summed up what I don’t like about microblogging. However, it was Facebook that I had an absolutely horrid experience with, and so… I won’t go back to Facebook. I mean, it was, I peeled back the strangers with the melodrama, which left the schoolmates and acquaintances with the melodrama, and after peeling them back, it was the extended family with the melodrama. After a while, I had no one left to ignore, so it was time to go.

      For now, G+ hasn’t annoyed me yet… that is, I’m not following anyone that sufficiently pisses me off. That could change, but…

      I’m not looking at G+ as a main meeting thing… I’d just as soon have everyone come back to long-form blogs, mostly WordPress. (TypePad doesn’t play nice and it’s been harder for me to follow the few that took that route.) G+ fills a few small niches for me, but most of the action for me really is back at long-form blogs.


  2. I have given thought to a G+ VOX page/group/whatever. But, I haven’t explored G+ enough to even offer a real informed opinion.

    No silence from me…just more ignorance. 🙂


    • No worries. If it’s not your thing… it’s just not your thing. If you were more interested, I’m sure you would have looked at G+ more closely.

      I very much doubt you’re missing much if you’re not missing much.


  3. I adore G+.

    I wouldn’t join an ex-Vox G+ page. Many ex-Voxers didn’t follow me to WP. How hard is it to add to an aggregator, subscribe to email or (like me) read via WP-reader (which btw is iffy). It’s not, so I think whoever didn’t follow me doesn’t “want” me. Let ’em go.

    I appreciate your efforts to stay connected but I figure if people aren’t interested in me here, they’re not going to be interested somewhere else.


    • I suppose I’m just not getting that the other hubs– the Yahoo! group, the Ex-Vox Forum– have served their purpose and have therefore withered on the vine. But what I was going for was to suggest that they be taken down and replaced with a link to what the majority have gone to.

      I don’t much care for microblogging, but I get repeated reminders that’s what many these days go for. (The last one was finding a Twitter client thrown in with my latest installation of Linux Mint.)

      I think aggregators are fine solutions– my desktop feed reader unified everything I was reading that had a blog component. But now I see a few of my favorite sites (mostly webcomics) drop RSS feeds and tell me to follow them on Twitter and Facebook. (Ugh, whatever.)

      I am thinking about asking Redscylla and Cap’n S if I can be added as a contributor to the Vox Diaspora blog. But I get the feeling that’s withering away, too.


  4. Oh,wow.
    I can’t keep up with all the “places” I am. It’s not that I’m popular (I’m not; most days no one notices me) it’s that the nature of the places (circles, for instance) means that everyone seems to bring a posse along for the ride and then I feel like I hav to visit them (to be polite) and their people and so on. So I give up fast.

    Also, there are the art sites to keep up with and that’s an entirely different kind of situation, with even more activity required. I’m still months behind on those.

    I don’t use a reader (except the internal ones on the sites.

    Here’s something interesting: I just counted all of the various people I “follow” — in all the versions of “following” there are — and am stunned to discover that I’m supposed to be reading/looking/commenting on the words/art/music/videos of more than 400 accounts. That’s accounts because some of the people are multiples within an identity. Some of them are prolific posters, too. I can’t keep up. I can’t even breathe when I think about keeping up,

    Re Vox: I always felt like an outsider in that playground. The “cool kids” barely noticed me — with some wonderful exceptions. That’s the case here, too. So I don’t feel a need to re-Vox. I wish we still had the site, though. It was great.

    As to Google+…I love how easy it is to post stuff and there are people there I wouldn’t “see” otherwise. But right now I’m rarely using it because I like blogging, writing my own things, and having a “home” set up my own way.

    All that said, if there’s a Vox page and I learn about it, I’ll surely follow it. But I may not visit often.


  5. Btw…..I didn’t know about a Yahoo Vox group. Or a forum.


    • The Yahoo! group came up and functioned as a “let’s get things started” sort of thing… when most people settled in to WordPress, it just died.

      The forum was something Metz started and Ross and I volunteered to help (in other words, we are the administrators there). We tried to remind people about it on the Vox Diaspora forum, but it never got much traction, and so people, I think, just forgot about it. Ross and Metz got busy and I just gave up.


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