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WordPress change?


WordPress seems to have stopped sending notifications on comments to e-mail, or notifications have changed enough that I get e-mails about comments on MY blogs, but not comments to replies I have made on other blogs.

Ross or Steve (or anyone, for that matter): any idea why? Obviously there’s a change to the code. About all I could observe directly is that there is a new no-reply address for notifications, which might have something to do with it.

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10 thoughts on “WordPress change?

  1. I had not noticed this but I’ve noticed a blackout in updates to my subs. I can check back 2 days later and there are several in there that I “missed” but I hadn’t missed them at the time…

    I left Vox a full year before it closed because of many, many issues (most annoying, not being able to sign in, therefore I couldn’t leave replies or comments–but sometimes I couldn’t post, as well AND there were other things). I’d lost all my posts from a different blogging site that went down in the 90s. That hit me hard. Back then, I cared what I posted and I hated that it vanished (without backup). I switched to lj for a long time (not that I liked them but they did allow backup as pdf, which made me feel safer). I’ve tried several others (Posterous allows export or did a few years ago) over the years but settled for WP. I see signs of failure but after losing years worth of diary/ blogging, I can lose it all today and not care. Of course, I put less work into blogging now. It’s more of a journal/ social thing rather than my personal “press” as I treated blogging from the mid-90s til about 2008?

    I hope it clears up for those who rely on it.


    • I wrote another post about blog clients at Techs Write: I want more desktop blogging clients on Linux, and one advantage of a good client is that backup is much easier. (Yes, please leave some feedback, I still want to be inclusive of Mac users.) Granted, my bias is towards desktop computers, as they have the power to store data locally in huge chunks while mobile devices… well, they just aren’t designed for that.

      I have found, generally, that clients sometimes get around limitations or complexity of sites. For WordPress, I’ll start with a client and then go to the online Dashboard if I need to do more by way of formatting.

      Then there’s just plain self-hosting… Jack Yan and I talked about that at some length. It’s hella spendy but if you can afford it and care that much about a blog, there’s even more options. But I’m sure you’d agree us worker-type plebes don’t have enough vested interest and $$$ to go that way.


  2. Right down there (she points at the check box directly under the comment box…nope just a bit lower…right there under the grey part of the comment box.) yup there! You have the option to receive comments via e-mail.

    Hope I helped. 🙂


  3. You may have to manually set email notifications as trishc1812 says, though what I do is go to Settings on the Dashboard and click on Discussion. You should find the Notify me of follow-up comments” setting there. It’s strange, but every once in a while WordPress hiccups and undoes the settings you made.

    Also check to make sure they have your current email address. Sometimes they misplace that too.


    • Please see my reply above. The problem isn’t with my own blogs, but the blogs that I follow. WordPress has made subscriptions rather complicated, and as I don’t really use their interface to follow blogs, but use a desktop feed (RSS) reader, I might be missing something. I am not getting comments and replies on the blogs that I have commented on.

      Does that make more sense? I’m sorry if I wasn’t clearer.


  4. I think I may have solved the problem, but I’m not sure.

    This is NOT on the Dashboard page, but the “Read Blogs” tab from the WordPress main page, and then “Manage Delivery Settings” at the bottom of the list. I unchecked “Block all email updates from blogs you’re following on”– I may have gotten overzealous as I don’t want e-mails on every new blog post (I have a feed reader, as I said, for that).

    WordPress seems to make it difficult to distinguish between comment updates and new posts on a blog updates in e-mail notifications. This is for followed blogs, not self-posted blogs.


  5. Yikes..I hope it’s working OK for you now.


    • Seems to be working, now… had to allow e-mails to come through again.
      WP has changed subscriptions, and so I am getting some notifications twice, but I don’t think it’s a problem.


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