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Installing a door at the furnace space.


Before and after.

new furnace/air exchange unit with vent register at the bottom

Doorknob installed by jaklumen & family
Doorknob installed, a photo by jaklumen & family on Flickr.

This is another project we worked on to keep Boy away from the breaker switch on the furnace. Installation was done primarily by Cimmorene.  Yes, that is a wall register in the door.  The door was ordered prehung, cut to a custom length, and with a hollow core, so that we could cut a hole for ventilation.

If you click through to view the photo at the Flickr website, you can see more photos of the installation process.  (Or look to your right, at the Flickr Photo widget.)  Note that the trim to hide the reveal is not yet installed.

Via Flickr:

Cimmy poses with the door, the knob now put in place. This doorknob was once on Princess’s bedroom door but was removed for a different knob with a locking mechanism. We will need to lock this door, too, as Boy has already shown he can easily open it, but will probably do so with a bolt-latch.

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5 thoughts on “Installing a door at the furnace space.

  1. Good enough. Got yourself a dandy door, there!


  2. Home ownership brings out the diy in all of us.
    Looks like a job well done and I hope it works to keep Boy from flipping switches and messing with things better off left alone. 😀


    • It’s been working well so far, although we have a few things left to do. We need to get a triangular square to cut the trim properly, and then we will install the trim. We’ll also put a notch in one side of the trim so we can also install a sliding bolt latch.


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