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Another kite update: 8-ft. Delta Coyne with Prism Flip


I got this kite from Gomberg Kites through their factory outlet. It was repaired so it cost me only 20US$.

This kite pulls hard. I think I have a solid lifter now! But I need to put the line on a better reel. Although Cimmy’s green stake winder was just big enough to accommodate all the 500′ of the 100# black twisted Dacron line, the pull of the kite turned that reel into a real knuckle beater.

I am scheming with my father-in-law to get a nice Stratospool made (the design is no longer in commercial production, so kiters must make it themselves). What’s a Stratospool? It’s a kiting reel that looks much like a fishing rod and reel.

Stay tuned and you may see how we fare, in photos.

Via Flickr:
Photo by Princess (our daughter). This is a Delta-Coyne manufactured by Gomberg Kites in the "Cool" color scheme. At eight feet wide, this kite is a BEAST compared to what I’ve flown before.

You can see the Flip much better in this shot. This particular kite works so well as line laundry (because it’s difficult to launch solo). But it kept falling apart in the powerful gusts, and so it probably won’t be a regular thing.

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6 thoughts on “Another kite update: 8-ft. Delta Coyne with Prism Flip

  1. So BEAUTIFUL!!!

    eight feet wide?


  2. Is the oval kite-thing part of the bigger triangular kite? I love that the sky is so blue—what an awesome background.


    • No, it’s not. It’s a separate kite on the kite line itself. It’s called the Flip kite, and it’s made by Prism Kites, based in Seattle. It looks like a gyroscope, but the entire kite turns.

      Wind art (inflatables that look like Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloons), tails, windsocks, flags, and other items attached to the kite like this is called “line laundry”, i.e. just like hanging clothes out on the line to dry. Usually kiters use flowform parafoil kites to do this, but as Margaret Greger wrote, this area I live in is delta (triangle-shape kites) country. A delta variation like the Delta Coyne (combines the delta and Coyne designs) both handles gusts and lifts items well. It can also lift a camera for aerial photography.

      Look at this picture (it’s also the second photo from the top in the Flickr widget). Does that better illustrate how line laundry works?


      • Two separate kites using the same line? Thus the line laundry? At least that is what I am seeing when I take a close look at both pictures. I can see the kite ‘string’ attached to the kites.

        I think the whole kite flying thing is cool and I could watch different kites for hours and marvel at the skill the line holder must have. This coming from someone that has never successfully launched a kite. (I can’t hula hoop, either)


    • Yes, it is two kites on the same line. Here is another example of line laundry with a combination of box kites and windsocks on the line.


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