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The new heat pump


First, the old– a forced air unit that we found didn’t fully heat and the air conditioning was completely shot:

fan unit shot and not properly insulated

Doesn’t heat completely and the air conditioning side did not work at all.

Now, an upgrade to a heat pump system by Carrier:

heat pump (fan unit)

New thermostat

new furnace/air exchange unit with vent register at the bottom

Note that there is an air vent at the bottom, which provides air conditioning to the converted garage space that is the family room.

There may be some additional updates as we are planning to put a closet door over the furnace space (replacing a vinyl accordion-style curtain), to keep Boy out.

Author: jaklumen

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7 thoughts on “The new heat pump

  1. So glad you got the camera back. You’ve been doing a lot of work. Looking forward to more photos!!


    • Did you see the ones in earlier posts? Put up a lot of stuff all at once, since another reader had asked for Before and After style photos specifically.


  2. Did you know before closing that the AC/heating unit was shot? I hope so. I remember when we bought our first house we did not have an inspection or anything like that. The day we moved in was HOT and the AC was not working. Chris called the real estate agent who called the previous owner…he was awesome and sent someone to go fix it. It probably helped that I was six months pregnant.

    Everything is looking good! I hope you are settling in nicely.


    • No, unfortunately, we didn’t. We had an inspection, but with the unusually cool spring that we had, it was too cold to test the air conditioning side. The inspector did note that not all of the heating elements were working properly, and said quite clearly the family room had no heat/air.

      We were able to get the seller to put in a baseboard heater to the family room, although it took a couple of times. There were some other things– but there was plenty that we couldn’t get the seller to do. including a few


    • Oops, looks like WP limits the length of replies.

      This house is worth only about $121K. The listing agent proved himself to be a lazy bum. We never met the seller. Nevertheless, I think we did pretty good, despite all the obstacles.


  3. Whoa..looks like a lot of work. Congrats, Jak!


    • Well, these aren’t my work, per se… the other ones (photos in other posts) are, though.

      We are thinking about putting up a chainlink fence between the outdoor fan unit and the porch so Boy stays off the hoses.


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