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Happy New Year


If you’ve been reading along since VOX, perhaps you remember most years we go to First Night. If you haven’t been reading that long or can’t remember, there’s the link.

The camera has gone temporarily missing, so I have no pictures. Our involvement didn’t last long anyways.

The past few years or so I’ve just been going with the kids. This year was the first year I took my son. I vowed we would be there for the beginning of the children’s activities.

We were two hours late.

My son did okay for the most part, although he kept me running. I hate helicopter parenting, but as active as my children are, they’ll get into trouble otherwise. The main room (Gjerde Center 2) was a little too overstimulating for him, and he had a LOT of trouble whenever a bounce house had a line. He kept cutting the line, every time. Okay, okay, so he’s not yet four years old, but I called Cimmy and asked that she make a note in her PDA that we talk to his teacher about it. (I’ll have to review his last school report.)

[My son in school at four years old? Yes. He has a few developmental delays.]

My daughter was good enough either to watch him, so I could call Cimmy periodically, get a drink of water, etc., or she went to watch shows deeper in the room. She seemed to like the demonstration the dance team from my old high school put on.
Eventually we moved out to the lobby area, and he played in the bounce house there while my daughter waited in line for a balloon animal. (Hmm… there were a lot more of them this year.)

Someone in that line mentioned food, and I said aloud that would be a good idea. So after she got her “fishing rod” balloon hat, I had her keep an eye on Boy again, and I got some kettle corn in vendor-described “Froot Loop” colors and flavors.

I came back and after putting shoes on him, she disappeared. Since food and drink were not allowed in the lobby/atrium, I took him outside and we ate popcorn for a while on the steps.

Called Cimmy again. Fortunately we found Princess by the time we went back in. So then we got her a hot dog, chips, and something to drink. By now, she was crying that she was cold, so we went back to the car… but I warned them we’d likely be going home at this point.

She had a complete meltdown once we got into the car as she realized she’d forgotten her loot bag with a coupon for ice cream. *sigh* Her attitude improved once she’d had something to eat, but by then we were halfway home. This has become a regular occurrence– she melts down because she didn’t have enough to eat earlier in the day.

We got home and after *I* had something to eat, I snoozed for a while. Princess came for cuddles with Daddy for a little bit, but I dropped off to sleep and woke up minutes before midnight to see that she and Cimmy were watching the Aristocats at the desktop computer. After the movie was done and New Year’s wishes were exchanged, Cimmy finished up with the song and story for the evening after Princess climbed into bed.

Cimmy asked me to return to bed, but my sinuses are still swollen and so I refused.

And here we are. So how was things for you? Being on Pacific Time, I’m behind most everyone.

Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

13 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. WOW!! Sounds like an exciting night!

    Parents have tough jobs…I admire you guys for what you do.


  2. Sounds like fun. I have to report a relatively quiet new year. Went to toast a friend who’s closing her restaurant business after 16 years. We went for our “last supper” and ate and drank to her health and future endeavors.


  3. Happy new year for your and your beautiful family. I’ve just open a new blog on WP. I hope not to lose again my friends.
    Have a nice day.


  4. Our New Years Eve was both eventful and uneventful. Ten tornados touched down in the St. Louis Metro area on New Years Eve day. The hardest hit area got the most intense news coverage, so I didn’t learn until Sunday evening that one the tornados actually came down about two miles from my house.

    The tornado sirens went off three or four times. On the first trip to the basement I discovered a bunch of mold growing in the windows. I totally freaked. I’m super allergic to mold. While I malingered on the sofa and watched movies my husband cleaned mold and did research on mold prevention. I didn’t realize the new year was here until it was. That was kind of sad.

    Both of us got colds right after Christmas and then just as we were getting over the colds we both got the flu. Wow. So exhausting. Thankfully, we’re on the mend now. We actually got out for a bit this afternoon.

    Anyways…hope your family’s doing well. Being a parent is sometimes the most challenging job in the world.


    • I hope you feel better now. Sometimes life is heavy … When one does not even ask the other what he would really enjoy, and when the other does not dare to protest with calm and just words, you can be sure that the small path from one to the other, is lost : the grasses of Time, grew over. I hope you’ll find it again together.
      Many loves


    • I understand about the tornado thing. We do not normally get them in our region (the Pacific Northwest) but one did hit hard near where my brother-in-law lives. Made some phone calls to make sure he and his girlfriend (a most congenial woman, I must say) were okay.

      Sorry to hear you were sick. I got sick twice about around those times, too. I’m hoping the vitamin D supplementation will help with that.

      The family is well. We buzzed Boy’s hair yesterday, so he’d stop trying to cut it himself. I’ll upload pictures soon.


  5. well, you were surely busy! – hope you’ve gotten mostly over the sicky:) – and Happy New Year!


    • I’m almost always busy. Take a look at the Flickr Photos widget… should explain things.


      • 1. that’s a really cool widget (where can i get it?)
        2. yeh – it’s the kids:) – we’ve been visiting a lot of our friends with kids – i think it’s actually lucky we’ve chosen not to have any, because then we wouldn’t ever see many of our friends – at least we can drop whatever we’re doing and go see them!


      • I don’t remember precisely where I got it… I think it’s selectable from the Widgets part of the dashboard.


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