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Marilyn vos Savant on discussing politics


This applies to religion, sexuality, and matters of personal finance, too.

Author: jaklumen

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4 thoughts on “Marilyn vos Savant on discussing politics

  1. I cannot edit this for some reason. Yes, it is an old post.I am trying to follow Marilyn vos Savant's advice. Trying. Don't know if I am succeeding.


  2. You have a balanced viewpoint, it's all anyone could ask. I think Marilyn vos Savant has given us a good model for all kinds of discussions.


  3. Eek! For some reason I can’t get to the article.

    But I think the advice is good even beyond discussing politics… Any topics that are “hot-button” ones, including the personal things between friends, family members. The only time I see much good coming from “expos[ing] weaknesses and flaws” in what others say/believe is within the legal system or in a learning environment where the technique is gentle and fair.. And even there the results can be unwanted.

    Or in satire…but that’s risky, too.

    It’s tough advice to follow, though. Sometimes.


    • The URL link is to Vox, which is quite defunct now.

      I should have realized that and extracted the original text in full. I might be able to find it again if I searched hard enough, but I see you get the gist.


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