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Flight time December 14th, 2010

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Oh yes, kites in winter! Rain has melted all the snow away, and with a nice strong (but gusty) wind, I was ready to play.

No photos.  There simply wasn’t time. Suffice it to say I was flying the speed parafoil with those 100′ red and yellow skywriter tails.

Remember this young man?

He came back out to the field today, just before I had to leave.  He seemed quite pleased to see me, since although wind conditions are still quite good, so precious few are flying kites around here.

He didn’t have the board today, but chose to simply slide on the grass in his shoes.  He didn’t go for very long, or I would have rushed home to snap some photos again.  Maybe it was just as well, because my daughter was late to a church activity, and then we had an appointment with public housing.

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