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Thanksgiving 2010, part 2 (updated)

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If you look at the Flickr photos widget (over to the right), then the most recent photos tell most of the story… well, for now, anyways. This post may be edited accordingly again if I upload more photos for the family.

In a nutshell, we took the leftovers of Cimmy’s pies. Cimmy was sick, so she elected to stay home. I had brought Princess over with me but I had to go back to get Boy. We had a nice quiet dinner with my children, my parents, and my grandparents (my mother’s parents). Dad forgot to take the giblets out but I said I would make some of it part of my gravy and save the rest to make gravy later. As I said in Part 1 my in-laws make gravy with giblets and I rather like it that way.

So I cut them up– incidentally, they are still sitting in the fridge, waiting the evening I make up some brown gravy mix and put them in.

Not much to tell after that, but mostly because the next post will be about dinner with my parents this evening, and Cimmy was present for this one. Chicken and spinach enchiladas was the dish, and everyone loved it.

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