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5 thoughts on “Tasty snow

  1. Looks like fun!
    We haven’t had any snow at all yet…it’s downright weird!


  2. Hey, I couldn’t reply on the post I wrote directly back to you so I thought I would tell you here. I read all about the chupacabra and all that. I was just saying what the vet said. He said that because of the injuries sustained by the dog. The rips and tears in it were not like anything that you normally find around here and why he pinned it on a chupacabra I have no idea. However, what we ended up finding out today was that there were three bob cat cubs found across the road. No one knows what happened to the mother but they were apparently coming up to Donna’s yard and feeding because she keeps dog food out there for the dogs that are outside and the cubs were starving. The dog that they attacked was in heat also. Anyway, someone from the wildlife reserve came today and rescued the cubs and they are being moved to a wildlife preservation area so that they will be protected. A couple of the locals wanted to shoot them, so thank goodness they were saved. It ended up being a tale with a fairly happy ending anyway. Donna’s dog will survive but she’s in really bad shape right now.

    Great pics by the way. Looks like fun! I can’t believe you guys have already gotten that much snow and we are still having sweater weather here!


    • Understood. I was just curious why an animal doctor would suggest the cause to be that of a rather rural and Latin American legend. (Maybe he has an odd sense of humor?) Bobcats do sound more likely.

      I can’t believe you guys have already gotten that much snow and we are still having sweater weather here!

      Eh, I couldn’t tell you. Our clime is a semi-arid one (the land is not desert, but shrub steppe), but we do have three rivers that converge here. My father-in-law, who is up in Yakima, figured that had something to do with us getting more snow faster than they.

      Besides, you’re down South… err, why not sweater weather? I dunno. This is the weather we’re talking about, and I’m not a meteorologist!


  3. Oooooooo!!!!! Lovely! Snow already, hunh?WOW!


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