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Flight time Nov 9, 2010 (Massive line laundry!)


Octopus line laundry 3

Originally uploaded by jaklumen & family

There’s just NO way I can illustrate this well in photos. I just can’t. So you get the best photo of the lot. Cimmy couldn’t take a photo that showed every kite in the air. The octopus 5-cell parafoil was staked down with two lines. One was a newly opened package– a Gayla stake winder with 500′ of “Super Twine” in fluorescent yellow. (This is where Gayla made the idiotic decision of thinking removable handles was a good idea). The other was 50 (?) lb. twisted Dacron on a D-winder– Prism Kite’s stock choice for their single line kites.

Kites and line laundry on the yellow “Super Twine”:
5 windsocks (2 35″ socks and 2 45″ socks, but I’m guessing on that)
Star (6 spar) box kite, by X-Kites
Bi-plane box kite, by X-Kites
Delta-Coyne with spinner tail, by unknown Chinese manufacturer, used as an additional lifter/”pilot” kite, attached by about 50′ of twisted line
Octopus 5-cell parafoil as main lifter

Kites and line laundry on the twisted Dacron line:
Small 5-cell parafoil with bowtied tail, by unknown Chinese manufacturer
Octopus 5- cell parafoil as main lifter

Here’s a great diagram the Gombergs have at their site that will give you an idea of my setup:

Limits side-to-side movement and one line acts as backup if the other breaks

We had a VERY bad tangle of lines when it started to get dark.  Some of the line tangled up around a basketball hoop, mostly around the post, but also the hoop itself for a moment.  Cimmy managed to untangle most of it, but we lost maybe 25-30 feet of the fluorescent yellow “Super Twine”.

When I have money, I will invest in line Gomberg Kites makes– probably like their black braided Dacron (100# is pictured here):

Black, hollow braided Dacron with a light wax finish (to avoid tangles)

P.S. Psst!  Hey you!  Yeah, you!  What, you wanted to see more pictures of this little event of mine?  Check the “Flickr Photos” widget.  If you’re reading this post fairly recently to when I made it, all of Cimmy’s photos of this crazy line laundry project should be there, or at least the latest 10 or so.

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3 thoughts on “Flight time Nov 9, 2010 (Massive line laundry!)

  1. This must be so much fun!! You had five kites altogether? Wow, what a feat!!

    Is that your photo of the teddy bear kite?


  2. That black line looks cool. Makes sense to be waxed, pretty nifty.


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